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Accredited Online School Counseling Degree

Give Your Compassion and People Skills a Meaningful Outlet with Online School Counseling Programs

If you are passionate about making meaningful contributions towards improving the academic environment for students and enhancing their learning experience, an online school counseling degree is just for you.

School counselors play many different roles. They motivate students to overcome barriers, provide individual counseling, conduct student appraisal to judge their learning ability, offer career guidance and develop programs that foster students development. They help students cope with diverse challenges like learning disabilities, peer pressure, mental stress, bullying and social issues.

A typical school counseling degree online program consists of courseware that helps you make a tangible difference to the lives of students in many different ways. It includes areas of study like Counseling Theory and Skills, Cross Cultural Counseling, Problem Solving Counseling, Career Counseling and more.

This degree prepares you to work in a school environment with the objective of improving a student's school life through counseling, education, and compassion. The courseware ensures you are able to understand their problems better and find solutions for them.

Accredited online school counseling programs are on par with their traditional campus-based equivalents and offer additional flexibility and convenience. Courses are taught by highly qualified professors and expert school counselors who share their valuable experience and give you better insight into what works in real-life scenarios.

If you want to build a career in school counseling, eDegreeSteps offers online school counseling degree options to help you achieve your career ambitions.

Learn to Make a Difference with a School Counseling Degree Online Program

Online school counseling programs involve students getting instructions on diverse topics like individual and group counseling techniques, child and adolescent counseling, human growth and development, family dynamics, intercultural communication, child psychology, research, conducting vocation, education and psychological assessments and many more.

As a school counselor you have a huge responsibility on your hands. Your role is to bring positivity to students who are facing diverse challenges that are impacting their ability to make the most of their academic life. Your role is that of a mentor and guide who helps students understand themselves better and work to their potential. You help students work out reasonable and realistic academic goals and come up with strategies that allow them to realize these goals.

With you online school counseling degree, you will learn how to understand and respond to cultural, ethical and social issues of students coming from myriad ethnical background and demographics. This course teaches you people skills, observational skills, and bit of empathy as well. This allows you to contribute to the overall growth and development of students at multiple levels. You prepare them to meet the challenges of student life head on, learn from their experiences and put this learning into practice.

Career Options After You Get an Online School Counseling Degree

You have the option of working as elementary, middle or high school counselor at public or private schools. You can also take up more responsible position as student/education counselor or academic advisor at government and non-profit organizations.

If you are working in an elementary school, your primary task will be to improve a student's decision-making and study skills. Your job as a counselor in a middle school will primarily center on helping students and parents chart academic goals and enable students to achieve these goals. In the high school, a counselor's fundamental job is to help students with their academic and career objectives and also helping them choose and apply to colleges, training programs and internship.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for school counselors and educational counselors is expected to grow by 12%. The job prospects are very favorable for people with a masters in school counseling online degree in their hands as job opening are all set to exceed the number of graduates holding this degree. Over time the responsibilities of school counselors will expand, which will further improve employment opportunities.

School Counselors Need a License to Practice

Having a school counseling degree is your first step towards becoming a school counselor; you also need a state-issued license to actually get a job. Most schools generally prefer to hire licensed school counselors and different states might have different requirements with respect to licensing. Get more information from American School Counselors Association about the credentialing process of different states.

Salaries of School Counselors

In May 2012, the median wage of school counselors, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics was $56,170; the median annual wage in elementary and secondary schools (state, local, and private) was $60,000. The top ten percentages earned more than $86,680. Salaries can differ based on your location, the type of school you are working for (Public or Private) and your qualification for the job.

What the Future Holds for a Career in School Counseling

The role of a school counselor has been undergoing continuous evolution since the time it made its appearance on the scene. From mere guidance counselors, a school counselor has become a person who addresses the developmental needs of all students. The challenges that can interfere with the learning ability of students are increasing day by day and as a counselor, you will need to keep improving your skill sets to help students face these challenges. This will allow you to explore new, as yet, unexplored solutions for their problems. What this essentially means is this profession will get even more challenging and fulfilling as the years go by.

For people who want to play the role of a mentor, friend, philosopher and guide to students, it doesn't get better than a career as a school counselor. eDegreeSteps helps you get the online school counseling degree that sets you up for this fulfilling and challenging career.

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