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Online Supply Chain MBA Programs

An Online Supply Chain Management MBA Can Lead to Leadership Roles in Logistics and Inventory Control

If you have a desire to work in logistics or product management, an online supply chain MBA program can help you realize your career goals. A solid understanding of analysis, product management, supply chain and warehousing are valuable for anyone interested in retail logistics.

Online MBA supply chain management programs give you the basics of analysis and coordination. This helps businesses take a product from the factory to the consumer. These skills are increasingly valuable in a globally interdependent economy where your customer base can be worldwide.

With a focus to curtail cost, supply chain MBA students learn how to plan for procuring high quality raw materials, handling logistics issues and managing timely shipping of finished goods. The supply chain management MBA also helps you to learn how to reduce inventory cost and minimize waste, resulting in higher profit for the company.

Unlike a more traditionally structured MBA, online supply chain management MBA programs have classes that you can schedule around your life. This allows you to maintain your job as you work to better your position.

Classes are taught by skilled professors, supply chain managers, product managers and logisticians. Most have real-world experience and help you understand how your analysis applies to moving actual products.

What You Will Learn in an Online Supply Chain MBA Program?

There are many skills necessary to work in supply chain management, but the most critical is to interpret and analyze data clearly. Understanding the data you receive from retailers and suppliers means you have access to critical information about how your product is moving to market.

Students learn to use technology and information systems to manage various components of supply chain from procurement to distribution, keeping an eye on reducing overhead. You will develop skills to identify quality suppliers, negotiate prices, purchase quality raw materials, manage supply of raw materials to production facilities, and storage and delivery of finished products.

You'll also learn the important interpersonal skills necessary to interact with suppliers, shipping and transportation companies and warehouses to ensure that supplies and products get picked up, transported, stored and delivered on time.

A supply chain management MBA also teaches you how to create reports and data presentations for management and suppliers. The reports tell you how changes in process will create greater efficiencies for your company.

The online programs also focus on improving communication skills, decision making abilities, and analytical and problem solving skills of the students.

Who Should Seek an Online MBA in Supply Chain Management?

In the future, any business that sells a physical product will have a need for better supply chain management, analysis and logistics to ensure the efficient movement of products. Many supply chain management jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, but a supply chain management MBA will put you in an ever better position.

Small business owners, managers, warehouse owners and others who deal with the movement of goods from production to consumer will find the analytical skills and strategic thinking taught in a supply chain management MBA quite helpful.

Career Paths and Options Available With a Supply Chain MBA

Supply chain is very critical aspect of any business that sells physical goods. As a result qualified supply chain management professionals and expert logisticians are in high demand in the manufacturing, production and retail sectors.

The most common career path for someone with an online supply chain management MBA is a logistician, supply chain manager or purchasing manager. Other common jobs include distribution manager, material manger, buying agent, and inventory control manager. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following are the 10-year growth projections for some of these professionals:

Purchasing Manager

Salary Expectations With a Supply Chain Management MBA

The global economy is making the world more interdependent, which is good news for those with an interest in managing a supply chain that stretches across the globe. The BLS reports the following salaries for supply chain professionals in 2010:

Purchasing Manager

The Future of Supply Chain Management

A global economy with a worldwide marketplace will mean a lot of jobs in the future for those who know how to most efficiently move goods from production to consumer. Many businesses will feel the need to have someone on staff who can handle logistical concerns. Some trends that will keep this skill set in high demand include:

  • A global economy means global sourcing and distribution of goods, requiring more sophisticated and strategic planning
  • Increasing overseas production will result in a need for better supply chain organization
  • In order to remain competitive, companies need to reduce cost and create more efficient supply chain design

With increasing complexity in global operations and urgency to reduce cost, companies are looking for expert supply chain managers to improve their bottom line. eDegreeSteps.com help you to find excellent online supply chain MBA programs to stay ahead of the curve.

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