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Online Supply Chain Management Degree

Become an Expert of Logistics with a Supply Chain Management Online Degree Program

An online supply chain management degree could be the key to your successful career in logistics. Supply chain management or logistics management is a specialized field of business which provides you necessary skills to move product from manufacturing plant to the purchaser.

Keeping supplies moving is essential to every business, and supply chain managers are expert logisticians. As a supply chain manager, you will be responsible for timely acquisition and storage of raw materials, packaging and inventory of finished products and moving the finished goods to its next destination.

Supply chain managers are considered top executives in business, so if you have strong organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills, logistics management degree programs can propel your career into the stratosphere.

If you're a highly organized problem solver with experience and ambition in business, you should consider earning your supply chain management degree online, where you can complete your studies on your terms.

Logistic and supply chain management programs are the most flexible and affordable way you can improve your career prospects and eDegreeSteps is your comprehensive guide to quality online supply chain management degree programs.

Online Supply Chain Management Degrees are Offered at Multiple Academic Levels

Success in business requires at least an associate's degree, and the same is true for supply chain managers, who are responsible for everything from contract negotiation to inventory control.

You will learn all of the required skills in supply chain management online program. Most schools offer several academic tracks for supply chain management, including associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees.

Some schools offer official MBA business degrees focused on supply chain management. You can expect many courses on logistics, business economics, financial management, law, and cost-price analysis.

Online supply chain management courses have the same exacting academic standards as traditional business programs, but in an online program, you can complete your college degree without leaving home or your current job.

Online Logistics Management Degree Programs are Ideal for Technology Savvy Individuals

Online supply chain management degrees are best for busy professionals who can’t afford to take an expensive and time-consuming leave of absence to finish their college degrees.

Online courses use state-of-the-art distance learning methods, relying on virtual classrooms, electronic texts, audio and video presentations, and online seminars. You will also have to complete individual and collaborative projects.

Advanced and specialized business programs groom students for top executive positions in business, so an online supply chain management program will help you master and understand complex theory and practice and the skill set you will need for success.

But perhaps the best feature of online education is that you can complete your college degree faster than in traditional college programs.

What Skills You Might Gain in a Supply Chain Management Online Programs

As a student learning all aspects of supply chain management, you will gain skills in these important areas:

  • Logistics
  • Purchasing and supplier development
  • Supply and inventory management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Global logistics
  • Materials management
  • Quality management
  • Traffic and distribution management
  • Production control
  • Financial management

You will also take courses to imporve written and verbal communication, human relationships, and analytical skills.

Supply Chain Management Career Market Overview and Growth Prospects

Your supply chain management degree unlocks a wide range of career positions including purchasing manager, transport and distribution manager, purchasing agent, logistician, inventory manager, materials manager, Procurement specialist, and warehouse manager.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected change for supply chain and logistics management experts through 2020 looks very optimistic:

Purchasing Managers
Transportation and Distribution Managers
Purchasing Agents

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Logistics Management

Because supply chain managers are responsible for important logistical aspects of business, they are vital to the success of their organizations and hence they are paid very well. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salaries for supply chain and logistics managers in May 2012 were:

Purchasing Managers
Transportation and Distribution Managers
Purchasing Agents

Future Trends in Logistics Careers

Logistics and supply chain managers must remain on top of current industry trends, which include:

  • Demand-driven planning is transforming logistics management as businesses seek ways to increase efficiency and profits and lower overhead expenses.
  • Globalization and free trade continues to force businesses to revise their supply chain planning.
  • Creative outsourcing of all or parts of the supply chain are becoming increasingly advantageous for business of all sizes.
  • Product life cycles are becoming shorter and more complex as increasingly sophisticated consumers demand more and better products.

Skill, talent, and training remain the keys to becoming a top logistics executive, and an online supply chain management degree can transform your career prospects.

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