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Online Teaching Certification

An Online Teacher Certification Exploits Your Existing Skills to Help You Become a Transformative Teacher

An online teaching certification helps you leverage your existing skills and mold them to suit the requirements of a teaching profession.

If you have a strong dedication and drive to teaching and looking to earn vital state teaching certification, online teacher certification program can help you earn your K-12 teacher license. Upon completion of this certification and post licensure you can become a teacher at an elementary or a secondary school.

The teacher certification programs give you comprehensive understanding of how learners need to be assessed, teaching methodologies, fundamentals of special education and others. You are taught all the necessary courses needed for becoming a good teacher and having a successful teaching career.

The objective of this online teaching certification is to provide you the advanced knowledge, theory, and expertise to acquire a formal teaching credential and excel in today's classrooms. You can become a permanent teacher or apply for a position as a temporary, emergency, or substitute teacher.

Getting the teaching certification online is a great idea if you're short of time, and want a flexible option that allows you to get the desired learning without compromising on your existing work schedule. You can login into the virtual classroom from your laptop or computer at whatever time convenient to you.

Curriculum of Online Teaching Certification Programs

Teaching certification programs are designed to give you an overview of everything that helps you impart better learning to the students. The curriculum includes management and engagement of students, alignment of Common Core Standards and Learning Targets, learning assessment tools, instructional methodologies and others. The fact that this is a post-Bachelor's course means a student who wants to enroll for this certification must have taken up courses at the undergraduate level, in the subject that he/she wants to teach.

The coursework also gives you insights into the various behavioral skills necessary to improve the learning experience of students. This certificate prepares you to not just handle all the responsibilities coming your way as a teacher, but also ensures you're under no illusions as far as your role as a teacher is concerned.

Career Growth with Online Teacher Certification

This certification prepares you for a teaching career with some exciting possibilities. You can start your career as an elementary or secondary school teacher and move on to becoming a head of department, or take up an administration role in an educational institute. After spending a few years as a teacher, you can enroll for a specialized degree that can help you explore further growth opportunities. The options for growth are limitless and it is you who decides where you see yourself over the years.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of elementary school teachers will witness a growth of 17% between 2010 and 2020. There will also be a spike in employment of high school teachers during this time and it is estimated that this growth will be around 7%. More than anything else, it is a decline in student-teacher ratio and increase in student enrollment that will boost growth. It is important to note this growth will vary from one region to another.

Salary Expectations for Teachers

The median salary for elementary and middle school teachers is $56,180, while secondary school teachers earn $57,710 annually. Teaching salaries differ depending on the kind of school you are working for (public or private), the location of the school (rural or urban), the city you are working in (some cities pay far better salaries than others).

It is also your experience, the various qualifications that you keep adding to your resume and the skill sets you keep earning through your teaching career that determine your salary graph.

Teacher Certification Requirements

To become a certified teacher, there are several prerequisites you must consider. Unfortunately, teacher certification and licensure requirements vary greatly from state to state. However, the two most common factors that you should consider for certification are: your education and fieldwork/professional experience. You must check the specific criteria to get teaching license in your state. You must also ensure that the online teaching certification program that you are going to enroll qualifies you for licensure in the specific state(s) you plan to teach.

Luckily, teaching certification from one state is recognized and accepted by several other states. You can find specific information on interstate agreement for teaching certification at www.certificationmap.com

Future Trends in Teaching Career

As somebody who wants to enter the teaching career, it's important to understand that technology is playing a crucial role in evolving various teaching and assessment methodologies. You will not only contend with the evolution of new technology but also an increasing demand for better accountability from teachers. This means you need to continuously keep yourself updated with the latest teaching methodologies, which will help you improve learning. It's important to remember that teaching will require constant learning from your side as well.

eDegreeSteps offers you the best online teaching certification programs that will set your course for a successful and fulfilling teaching career.

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