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Accredited Online Theology Degree Programs

Theology Online Degree Allows You to Offer Answers for Troubled Times

An online theology degree allows you offer aid and comfort to those in need, without having to get a degree in counseling or psychology. If you're a spiritual person who enjoys working with others in their challenging time, this could be an ideal degree program for you.

Many people who refuse to turn to counseling or psychiatric professionals will seek advice from clergy when faced with an adversity and a difficult situation. A theology degree can help you provide much-needed guidance to people facing a variety of issues.

Theology degree programs offer comprehensive learning to prepare students for variety of jobs as clergy, pastor, teacher, and social worker. The programs focus on philosophy, religious studies, historic principles and theological understandings and integrate religious perspective with human issues of the modern world.

Online theology courses are flexible, allowing you to study when you want and where you want, while arranging your studies to suit your schedule and allowing you to pick program that is perfect for you.

Both tenured professors and members of the clergy teach these courses, making for a dynamic educational experience that you can leverage into a successful career helping others.

What Will You Learn in an Online Theology Degree Program?

Most of the theology degree programs concern Christianity and offer courses on Biblical studies, general theological studies, pastoral and spiritual Care, religion and social change, feminist theology, sermon writing, history, philosophy, languages and communication. Recently theology degree based on Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism are becoming more common.

Online theology programs are designed to help you gain an extensive understanding of a particular faith so that you can help practitioners of that faith when they have doubts or problems. An online degree program prepares you with deep theological study of the texts and history of the faith.

Many courses will also teach you the social skills needed to help people who are suffering. Often, people come to the clergy when in dire need of spiritual comfort because of a death in the family, the loss of a job or a substance abuse issue. An online theology degree helps you learn to understand these problems and relate them to their faith.

An online theology degree also serves as the gateway into a more serious program of pastoral training, allowing you to potentially become a member of the clergy or other religious leader.

What Are the Job Prospects for Those with Theology Degrees?

Although becoming a member of the clergy is a common route to take upon receiving a degree in theology, it is not the only path available. Many jobs can use the skills learned earning an online theology degree, including church administration, community and social justice roles.

For those who to choose to enter the clergy, job growth is slow. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for the clergy is just above the average — although working for a church is more of a calling than a career.

Directors, Religious Activities
Religious Workers, All Other

Salary Expectations for Theology Degree Holders

Although job growth is not eye-popping for clergy members, the pay is solid for those who choose to join the field. Other social justice and community organizing positions exist for those people who wish to learn the skills a theology degree can teach, but not work for the church. The following is the BLS’s 2010 average salary estimates:

Directors, Religious Activities
Religious Workers, All Other

Trends Expected to Impact Those with Theological Studies Degrees

With a rapidly changing world, the issues that people face are also shifting. Many people still turn to clergy and other religious professions to help with these challenges. The following are some trends for the field in the years to come:

  • The recession of 2008 and resulting social and economic struggles have left many people in need of services, looking to community organizations for help and support.
  • Organized religion is becoming increasingly less important to many people, leading to falling attendance at religious centers and less emphasis on religion in personal life.
  • Many who do attend church are looking to their faith to lead them on social justice issues, including poverty, law and order and global climate change.
  • Many schools are offering options to pair a theology degree with degrees in nursing, ethics, business or social work.

Theology is a truly unique field, and an online theology degree can open up a number of different career opportunities for you.

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