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Online Web Design Courses

An Accredited Online Web Design Degree Hones Your Creativity and Technical Expertise

If you're looking for an exciting career in a highly technical and creative field, taking online web design courses is the way to go. Top web designers make websites that get people talking, clicking, and buying, and earning your degree in web design online is your fastest and most flexible educational option.

Today, web designers must rely on a host of technical and creative skills. From basic coding and scripting to international marketing and everything in between, web designers are the movable forces behind the latest web-based trends and fortunes.

An online web design degree offers you technical skills needed to build user-friendly, cutting-edge websites from concept to launch and create compelling online user experiences. You will also learn to develop responsive websites which render seamlessly on variety of mobile and hand-held devices with different resolutions.

Often closely related to web development, the field of web design is one of the fastest growing careers as business and industry strives to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumers. And because it's a computer-based subject, web design courses are ideal for distance learning.

Online web design courses put you on your way to a fulfilling career in an exciting field, and eDegreeSteps is your best bet to find top online web design programs.

Online Web Design Courses Invite You to a World of Wonder

Good web designers must have a creative spark to succeed. While web engineers often focus on the cold and logical terms of a project, and web developers often focus on the bigger picture, web designers must be part web engineer and part web developer. You will need all of your creative skills and abilities to make abstract dreams into concrete web sites.

Good verbal and visual skills will also come in handy in online web design courses. Many good web designers have strong artistic skills, such as drawing, painting, or photography, as well as the ability to communicate not just visually, but verbally as well.

Technical writing and writing for style are skills all good web designers need. Today, web design and development goes beyond browsers and coding and into the world of marketing. Businesses rely more on data gathering, and innovative web design is how they get it.

Creativity, artistic drive, and strong communication skills are the hallmarks of a good web designer, and if you can work easily independently or as a team member, you're primed to benefit from the professional certification and recognition you can earn with an online web design degree.

Online Web Design Courses Broaden Your Technical Skills

Online web design certificate and degree programs are designed to prepare you for the professional challenges that lie ahead. You will learn to create state-of-the-art, interactive and engaging web designs to establish solid online presence for your clients.

Many excellent, accredited schools offer online web design courses for a number of academic levels, usually geared either to a 2-year associate's degree or a 4-year bachelor's degree. Most online web design degree programs take less time than traditional degree programs.

In your online web design degree courses, you will study the visual design fundamentals, web scripting and programming, HTML, CSS, web graphics, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, ActionScript, internet marketing, and social media integration. You can also branch out and specialize in various sub-fields of web design, such as graphic design, Internet marketing, interactive media, game design, and others.

Several diverse elements come together in web design, including:

  • Color theory
  • Aesthetics
  • Page layout
  • Typography
  • Scripting and Programming
  • Motion graphics
  • Video Streaming
  • Copywriting
  • User interface

Web Designer Job Overview and Growth Prospects

Earning an online web design degree sets you up for a solid career. Today every company and organization - small or big, needs dominant and appealing web presence to stay ahead of the curve, which results in an ever increasing demand for skilled web designers.

You can find job as a web designer, interface designer or user interface (UI) developer at web design and development company, or multimedia firm. Many web designers with a passion for entrepreneurship manage their own start-ups.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that careers open to a degree in web design should grow faster than other occupations through 2020.

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Web Design

Web designers, computer graphic specialists, and web content writers are well compensated for their efforts. According to salary.com, median expected salary for a web designer in the US is $62,073, while senior level positions can fetch as high as $90,500.

Future Trends in Web Design

Because most people think of the Internet as the last website they saw, trends in web design are often front stage. New innovations are always shaking up this exciting tech field, and some of the current trends in web design are as follows:

  • Many new design techniques are making fashionable websites stand out and defeat the competition. Some of these innovations include better looking transparencies, infinite scrolling, large backdrop images, fixed header bars, movable menus, and others.
  • Well-regarded websites have more detailed illustrations and better interactivity, all to better compete for roving eyes. Many web designers today are user experience (UX) designers, concerned with every aspect of an Internet voyager's actions on a given site.
  • Responsive web design is another big trend today. Given the wide range of mobile devices around these days, websites need to function well no matter the screen dimensions of the device. On the other hand, Apple's new retina screen display offers much higher quality graphics but lacks in compatibility with other screen display types, challenging graphic designers to create two versions of the same material.

A degree in web design opens the door to an exciting career in one of the trendiest fields around. Let eDegreeSteps help you find accredited online web design courses.

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