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Online Web Development Degree Courses

An Accredited Online Web Developer Degree Can Open the Doors of Secure and Robust Career

The world is talking on the World Wide Web, and if you're a prospective web developer, earning an online web development degree could kick your career into high gear.

In an online web developer degree program, you will learn essential skills and sophisticated tools to develop secure, sturdy and state-of-the-art websites and web applications on which many successful businesses and startups rely.

Web developers are responsible for developing and maintaining dynamic and interactive websites, as opposed to web designers, who are more concerned with the look and feel of websites. Good web developers, however, must know the basics of web design and related technology.

Above all, good web developers boast strong problem-solving skills and ability to think ahead of time. You have to be able to find practical solutions quickly and work to prevent problems before they can shut down your website.

And because people rely so much on the Internet today, earning an online web developer degree is a smart way to increase your career options. eDegreeSteps is your comprehensive guide to the best online web development degree programs.

What Can You Expect in an Online Web Development Degree Program

Unlike more advanced computer science fields, web developers don't need a lot of technical knowledge to earn certification. But taking the next step, enrolling in an online web developer degree program, could give your skills a vital boost.

Online web development courses are designed and taught by the same distinguished professors you find in traditional college programs.

Earning an online web design and development degree is ideal for people who:

  • Are excellent problem solvers with a passion for web development
  • Want to increase their career marketability and skill sets
  • Are entrepreneurs hoping to start their own businesses
  • Want to change careers to one that has more growth opportunities

What You Will Learn in an Online Web Development Degree Program?

From associate's degrees to doctoral programs, online web developer degree programs offer a wealth of educational goals and opportunities. Students can choose between well-rounded degree programs or focused certification tracks.

Indeed, most entry-level web development jobs require at least an associate degree in web development. These 2-year college programs are popular because they do not require many courses outside your major.

But for most of the intermediate and senior positions you need either bachelor or master degree in web development. Postgraduate online web development degrees offer the most promise for an executive career in web development.

Many mission critical websites (banks and finance firms) cannot afford even a single minute of down-time. They must have their websites running 24x7x365 and need a sound backup plan in case of a glitch. As a result, you have to be ready for any unpredicted technical hitch.

Online web development degree programs prepare you for such unwanted problems. You will learn all the necessary skills and techniques to design and develop database driven, safe and sound websites.

You will study latest trends in Internet technology, numerous programming concepts, Internet law and ethics, database management, client side scripting, server side scripting, information and web security, fundamentals of Internet, Internet communication protocols, open source technologies, and web programming.

In more advance level degree, you will take courses on topics such as web application servers, web infrastructure, client-server architecture, n-tier architecture, enterprise architecture, MVC design pattern, project management concepts, open source frameworks, API development, web services, object relational mapping, and other computer science subjects.

Career Prospects and Job Growth in Web Development

In last 15 years, e-commerce business has grown exponentially. Today, almost all big corporations, small and medium businesses, public organizations, professionals, government and semi-government agencies, and educational institutes have their own websites. Literally, it is difficult to survive for a brick and mortar business without having a strong web presence. As a result, jobs in web development are in high demand.

With a web development degree, you can work in any imaginable industry. Also, many graduates with passion for entrepreneurship start their own consultation firm, with focus on providing highly customized websites, portal development, secure e-commerce solutions, and information security services.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in the field through 2020 is far higher than many other jobs:

Web developers

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Web Development

Earning an online web developer degree could give your salary a big boost. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010 the average salary for web developers was:

Web Developers

Future Trends in Web Development

The Internet seems more ubiquitous than ever, and talented web developers will always be in demand. Here are some future trends in web development:

  • Increasing concerns about web site security will dominate web development in the next few years as web developers rise to the challenge presented by cyber threats both foreign and domestic.
  • Internet technology, security measures and consumer demands evolve at very rapid pace, changing the dynamics of web development. As a result, web developers must upgrade their skills to remain competitive.
  • To keep their web sites competitive, web developers will have to know more and more about web site design and functionality, including new developments like CSS3 and HTML5.

The future looks especially bright for qualified web developers, and the best way to get that qualification is to earn an online web development degree. eDegreeSteps can help you find the best accredited online web development courses for you.

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