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Online Organizational Management Degree Programs

Empower Your Career with an Accredited Online Degree in Organizational Management

Ambitious, innovative, creative leaders like you drive business success, and an online organizational management degree is your gateway to a top executive position.

Organizational management programs focus on the theory and practice of organizational management, including human relations, research and development, long-term business planning, decision making, leadership, organizational law and communication.

If you're a forward-thinking problem solver who looks at the big picture and thrives under pressure, an accredited online organizational management degree may be perfect fit for you.

Today, businesses and organizations of all kinds need good organizational managers, and eDegreeSteps is your best guide to quality organizational management programs online.

An Online Organizational Management Degree: Perfect for Problem Solvers

Organizational managers are responsible for planning, leading, controlling, and organizing all the efforts of an organization, whether nonprofit or for profit.

Because their skills are in high demand in a wide range of organizations, organizational managers must have some business experience and strong communication skills in addition to strong leadership abilities.

An online organizational management program is as academically challenging as regular school college programs and offers the same quality teachers and degree requirements, but you can pursue your degree without having to commute.

Advanced business degrees like online organizational management degrees are excellent choices for strong-minded professionals who are comfortable using technology to learn and communicate.

Organizational Management Programs Focus on Leadership and Communication

Organizational studies are heavily focused on human relations and behavior, developing effective communication skills, and understanding human psychology.

During the course of your online degree studies, you will enhance your communication and leadership skills, hone your ability to see the big picture, and develop concrete and efficient planning methods that will increase your career viability.

You will also learn critical aspects of organizational security, law, decision making and critical thinking.

A degree in organizational management opens the door to your top executive business career. The business leaders of tomorrow are taking organizational management programs today.

Organizational Management Career Job Prospects and Growth

Organizational managers benefit all kinds of organizations, from big business to government agencies to nonprofit organizations. As such, career growth prospects depend on the focus of your career goals.

Some typical roles offered to organizational management degree holders are organizational managers, management analysts, human resources managers, and management consultants.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, career growth prospects for top executives through 2020 are modest for all occupations:

Organizational Managers
Management Analysts
Human Resources Managers

Salary Projections for Careers in Organizational Management

Organizational managers are vital to business success and are usually paid more than most middle managers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for organizational management positions in May 2012 were:

Organizational Managers
Human Resources Managers
Management Analysts

Future Trends in Organizational Management Careers

Organizational managers are at the forefront of business and government today, and they must be prepared to deal with an ever-changing business environment. Some future trends in organizational management include the following:

  • Changing lifestyles, values, and technology are causing demand for more flexible workplaces, and operational managers must make tough decisions affecting the corporate culture of their organizations.
  • As management adjusts to employee demands for flexibility, leadership hierarchies are flattening to reduce management levels and increase organizational adaptability.
  • More coordination between different parts of an organization will make business models more efficient and development of new products and services more streamlined.

To break into a top management position, you need talent, skill, and training. eDegreeSteps can help you find the best online organizational management degree to revitalize your career.

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