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Software Engineering Online Degree Programs

Build a Flourishing Career in Technology with an Accredited Online Software Engineering Degree

If you have strong math and analytical skills and a desire to create advanced software applications, a software engineering online degree may give you the fuel you need to launch your career into the stratosphere.

Like their engineering colleagues, software engineers create systems for specific solutions. But unlike a bridge or race car, the creations of software engineers work in a digital world.

As a successful software engineer, you will design, develop and test sophisticated software products and services by combining your creative spirit, problem solving skills and technical expertise.

Careers in technology are in high demand but also highly competitive, and software engineering is no exception. The industry rewards people who are ambitious, who can work well both independently and with others, and who can combine right-brain and left-brain analysis into compelling results.

Today, a popular and smart option is to earn your software engineering degree online, where you get both challenging and accredited college-level instruction and the freedom and flexibility of learning from home. eDegreeSteps can help you find the perfect online software engineer degree program for your needs.

Software Engineering Online Degree Programs are Highly Specialized and Technical

Software engineering is the kernel of all software designs. If the computer programmer assembles a car from various parts, the software engineer designs and builds the various parts the programmer uses.

Before entering an online software engineering degree program, you will need some basic knowledge of computer programming and mathematics. However, degrees in software engineering are available at every academic level.

Most college degree programs require you to take some foundational courses in computer and few advanced electives.

A typical curriculum in software engineering include courses such as algorithm development, programming languages (C, C++, Java, .NET), software design, software requirements and analysis, software testing, software construction, software architecture, compiler design, object oriented design, design patterns, enterprise architecture, distributed processing, database management systems, operating systems and few others.

At the associate's degree level, you will learn the basics of designing, developing and implementing computer software. More advanced degrees have more exacting requirements to fulfill, but a bachelor's degree in software engineering qualifies you for most entry level positions in the industry. Postgraduate degrees in software engineering take you into the unknown (and a higher salary range) as you research new theories.

Technology is Second Nature in Software Engineering Online Degree Programs

Earning an online software engineering degree is ideal for people who use technology naturally and easily. Indeed, learning how to design a new software application while sitting at a traditional desk in an old-fashioned classroom would be futile.

The online classroom was designed by software engineers, so your online courses will use the latest distance-learning applications, such as interactive video chats, multimedia presentations, challenging and engaging collaborative projects, and high academic standards.

But instead of having to invest hours in commuting to campus every week, you can earn your software engineering degree online on your own terms from the comfort of your keyboard.

With so many options and so many rewards, earning an online software engineer degree is a popular option.

Software Engineering Career Market Overview and Growth Prospects

As a graduate of software engineering degree, you can progress your career in a variety of industries including technology, finance, insurance, medical, health care, telecom, and defense.

Software engineers are in high demand, and statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reflect this fact. Career growth in software engineering jobs through 2020 is far higher than for all other jobs:

Systems Software Developers
Application Software Developers
Computer Systems Analysts
Computer Programmer

Salary Guidelines for Careers in Software Engineering

Software engineers have higher average salaries and are well-compensated for their coding skills. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2010 the average salary for software engineering positions was:

Systems Software Developers
Application Software Developers
Computer Systems Analysts
Computer Programmer

Future Trends in Software Engineering

In 2011, several major media sources described software engineer as "the best job in America". Today, most software engineers would agree. Future trends in software engineering include the following:

  • Concerns about the security of cloud computing and the increase in cyber attacks will make engineering hacker-proof software a priority.
  • Software engineering continues to specialize as the rate of change in the industry keeps increasing. Because systems that are popular today will be obsolete tomorrow, talented software engineers will have to keep pace.
  • More and more amateurs are dabbling in software design and releasing highly successful applications for the mobile device market. Professional software engineers have to work smart to respond to this challenge.
  • Consumers want new software yesterday, so software engineers will be under pressure to deliver new applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. This rapid delivery trend will require faster testing methods.

Be a part of these trends. Your career in software engineering begins with a software engineering online degree, and eDegreeSteps can help you find the best online software engineering programs around.

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